Mil Spooner, a Broadcast Pioneer

WFIL Organist Mil Spooner

This photo dates from 1947 and was taken in the Widener Building in center city Philadelphia. Mil played organ on many of the WFIL broadcasts. Broadcast Pioneers member Charlie Higgins e-mails:

The long time organist on WFIL was Mil Spooner. I can recall his name from the time I was a small boy. I believe he may have been associated with the Philadelphia Orchestra....

Mil Spooner substituted one week when I was working at WFIL for Larry Ferrari. In the early 60's WFIL and ABC network were trying to restore radio to what it once was and we had a morning program with the organ played by Ferrari. I think it was 15 minutes in length and was hosted by Hal Woodard or Phil Sheridan. My memory fails me I'm afraid. I enjoyed it but alas their experiment didn't succeed.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Jane Felix
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