The following was written by person or persons unknown. We found a photocopy of a typewritten script in our files. The folder was dated August 1955.

What kind of television news coverage do viewers in the tri-state Delaware Valley are prefer?

There has been survey after survey on the subject, but Channel 6’s Frank Hall thinks that letters and comments from thousands of viewers during his four years with the station as a newscaster give him some solid facts for argument.

“People want objective TV news coverage with a good deal of emphasis on local news,” Hall said. “They resent any attempt on the part of the newsman to slant the news. People like to do their own thinking these days.”

Hall, who does the twice nightly Television Newsreel (Monday thru Saturday at 6:45 pm) and a late evening show, depending on the station’s schedule. Finds that local events often generate far more interest than national or international affairs.

Hall, who begins his fifth year for the same sponsor on the news show. July 23, brought to the program an unusual and varied background. He traded his textbooks as a teacher of English, history and dramatics at Cheltenham High School, when he topped four other candidates bidding for the post.

An Overbrook High School graduate, Frank earned his bachelor and master’s degree in education at Temple University, where he later supervised student teachers. But with a music and singing interest dating back to his childhood days, he by-passed the classroom for show business.

Frank spent seven years touring the United States, Canada and Mexico, visiting many of the spots he was to cover later in his news work. The baratone was with road companies of “Desert Song,” “Rio Rita” and “Standing Room Only.” He played vaudeville as a singer recalls stops at the local fox, Mastbaum and Earle theaters.

But tiring og the constant travel and separation from his wife and daughter, Hall began teaching in 1941 at Clayton, NJ High School before tranferring to Cheltenham. Even as a teacher he kept active in local opera and radio circles. He entered TV as a career as emcee of The Grand Opera Auditions on Channel 6 in 1951.

The daughter of the young looking Hall was married this summer.


In April of 1953, "The RCA TV Newsreel" was on from 7:15 to 7:25 pm. There was also a late evening version which aried from 11 pm to 11:10. In August of the next year, the early evening newscast had moved to 6:45 to 6:55 pm. At the end of July of 1955, the early newscast was still in the same time period. In April of 1954, the Saturday newscasts were from 6:45 to 6:55 pm and 11:45 to 11:55 pm.

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