Alan Scott
April 1956

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In 1954, Alan Scott moved from WCAU to Channel 3. At that time, he took over hosting duties from George Skinner on the 9 am to 10 am daily live TV show. Renamed "Let Scott Do It," this is the famous program which featured Mr. Rivets, portrayed by Broadcast Pioneers member Joe Earley.

The broadcast also featured Broadcast Pioneers member Jane King Hall, then known to the public as Jane King. As a ratings booster, the station started highlighting a very young lady named "Miss Terry." The program had her on for quite some time.

We received an e-mail from Susan Proth who sented us this picture. She's the blonde just above the number three. She said that it was a birthday party. It was for "Miss Terry." Susan's mother (she didn't give her name) e-mailed:

I am the mother of the adorable blonde in the photo and can offer a few additional details. First of all, Miss Terry is the child sitting on Alan Scott's lap, the child on the left. Miss Terry was on the program frequently from the time she was an infant and in the early days being shown in her playpen. If my memory is correct, I believe her mother worked for the television station.

If so, the earliest "Bring Your Daughter To Work Day." Miss Terry was born on (Saturday) April 11, 1953 and about a month before her birthday, I believe it was her third birthday, Alan Scott announced that there would be a birthday party and any children born the same day could write in and some would be selected to attend the birthday party.

Obviously I wrote in and was pleasantly surprised when I received the phone call that my adorable daughter, Sue, was invited. At the time, we were living in Wilmington, Delaware so the morning of the big day we took the train from Wilmington to Philadelphia and the rest you know.

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