Camera & Sports Set

This was our Mystery Photo for July 2000. The question was "What's it a picture of?" The obvious answer was: The camera and sports set at WCAU-TV. But was that really right?

John Zacherle as Roland

It was the WCAU-TV camera and the sports set. (The news and weather were done in the same studio as the sports). At 11:25 pm, the news ended and Shock Theater (with Roland) started. They were done in the same studio.

This publicity photo shows John Zacherle (who played Roland) preparing to go on the air. FYI, Roland was only on in Philadelphia for one year, from September 1957 until September 1958. On August 29, 1958, CBS-TV bought WCAU-TV from the Evening Bulletin, a daily Philadelphia newspaper.

The picture obviously dates from before the CBS take over. (The first thing new owners always do is change anything with the old owner's name on it.) Probably dates from January or February of 1958. (Note the basketball scores on the sports set).

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Jim Knusch/Professor Kinema
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