(Left to right) "Pop" Singer, Dick Clark & Ron "RJ" Joseph
Bandstand Reunion
circa 1970

Here's a photo taken at a Bandstand reunion party in 1970 at the Marriott Hotel which used to be on City Line Avenue, across the street from WCAU-TV and WPVI (WFIL-TV at that time).

Simon "Pop" Singer owned a soda shop hangout at 46th and Market Streets, across the street from WFIL-TV (during Bandstand's Philadelphia days). RJ, Ron Joseph, a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia, was a dancer on Dick Clark's Bandstand program.

Lynne Raboy, a visitor to our website and Pop Singer's granddaughter e-mailed:

Dick was very good to my grandfather. He used to have him on the Bandstand Anniversary Shows all the time.  He was just like one of the "regulars."  As a matter of fact, I have many  mementos my grandfather left me from that era.  I have a watch that Dick Clark gave him that is engraved on the back, a few books that Dick wrote  and dedicated to Pop. I have a cigarette lighter that Connie Francis gave to my grandfather that has her picture on the front of it and you wind it up and it plays "Who's Sorry Now."  I also have some of my grandfather's personalized stationary he had made back in the 1950's with two kids jitterbugging on it.  My grandfather was a pharmacist by trade and turned the pharmacy into a soda fountain back in the 50's.  He was so proud and happy to be a small part of the Bandstand Era.  He passed away in 1979.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Ron Joseph & Mel Taylor of Taylor-Made Multimedia
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