Contest Carnival
circa 1955

To the left, holding the barker cane is host Gene Crane. At the bottom left is a clown called "Candy," played by Phil Sheridan and to the right is clown "Carney," played by Hary Levan.

The exact year is not known. By the way, anyone notice that the podium by Gene says "Contest Carnival," not "Candy Carnival." We know that by early 1954, the show was using the name "Contest Carnival." However, since the early run of "Contest Carnival" was sponsored by Quaker Oats Cereals, and that in publicity photos, they usually tried to get the sponsor's name in the shot, we suspect that this is from the last part of the show's run which had only spot sales in it and not a complete sponsor who paid for the entire show.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Charlie Higgins
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