Dick Harris
WHHS Radio

Broadcast Pioneers member Charlie Higgins said:
(WHHS had)...a Collins Audio Console bought used from GE who furnished all of the equipment at start up in 1949. The console had four (4) microphone inputs, a fader for the turntable as we only had one in the beginning which was a 16 inch Presto rim drive, and a fader for remotes. If I recall correctly it had six (6) faders....

They also had a Magnacord 1/4" reel to reel tape deck. His Dad, Reg Harris who was Chief Engineer at WIP donated a number of pieces of gear; like a remote amplifier, which they used at football games. The transmitter was a GE, with a donut antenna. Dick was a disc jockey and had a Third Class Radiotelephone Operators License. The younger Mr. Harris did a music show from 7:00 am until class started. Programming and staffing was done under the supervision of the drama class and Miss Amo.

Debuting on December 6, 1949, WHHS started as an experiment in radio electronics at Haverford High School in Havertown, Pennsylvania. The Federal Communications Commission was assigning frequencies and then Principal, Oscar Granger, decided to apply for one. With the help of a couple of teachers, the experiment turned into success. Antenna height in the beginning was 75 feet with an output of 10 watts. As of 1999, the station operates with 0.14 kw horiz and vert. with an antenna height of 134 feet. In 1992, the station changed frequencies from 89.3 to 107.9. In 2004, the station went silent to make room for Radio One's station at 107.7. In June of that year, the station applied for a new frequency of 99.9 and in August of 2005, the application was granted. WHHS now broadcasts at 99.9 on the FM dial.

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