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Judy Lee and U.S. Air Force Officials

On the set of Channel 3's Weather in 1956. In the center is WRCV-TV's weathercaster Judy Lee. All others are unidentified.

Judy Lee and Myer Barr
WPTZ, Channel 3

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On left is Myer Barr of Barr's Jewelers, a well known shop in Center City Philadelphia. On the right is Channel 3 TV Personality, Judy Lee. Among other things, Judy did the weather on Channel 3 and Barr's Jewelers was one of her sponsors.

(left to right) Mary Roebling, John Heindes and Judy Lee
WRCV-TV, Channel 3

Mary Roebling at the time of this picture was Chairman of the Board of the Trenton Trust Company. In 1958, she became the first female governor of the New York Stock Exchange.


(left to right) unidentified Pinkerton Guard and Judy Lee
WRCV-TV, Channel 3
Fall 1956

Pinkerton officer on left and Judy Lee on her weather set at WRCV-TV in the Fall of 1956. Channel 3's weather girl, Judy Lee, was kept under close surveillance by an armed Pinkerton guard. The reason? She was sporting a $100,000.00 Russian sable coat. Judy was able to persuade a local specialty store to let her wear it only after the store arranged to protect its valuable property by having two Pinkerton men remove the sable from its vault, and one officer to guard it in transit and on Judy. All this for two minutes of airtime!

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Photos courtesy of Jane Kellem Anderson, Judy Lee's daughter
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