Here's a few excerpts from the Channel 10 show, "Ten Around Town." The WCAU-TV tape number was 819-30-P. The program was recorded on September 24, 1982 and aired the next day. Broadcast Pioneers members Cherie Bank and Steve Levy are the hosts of the series. Steve is visiting his old South Philly neighborhood.

Our copy is from Steve Levy's original VHS tape, which was mastered off of the original Channel 10 recording. As you can see in the video, the tape is slightly damaged - not surprising after 29 years!

Steve Levy e-mailed us:

Taping the first broadcast of Ten Around Around Town was remarkable. First, to do a show from the South Philly corner where I grew up, where my dreams of being on Philly TV began, was almost surreal. Then to start a show that became the most successful show in decades for WCAU TV....and to begin a relationship with Cherie Bank that became family...was more than a kid from the neighborhood could hope for.

Cherie Bank e-mailed:

Besides what Steve said (he became part of my family too) 10 Around Town was a joy to do. We had the best Executive Producer, Dan Sitarski, and the best team of producers any on-air people could hope for. Our stories were fun and informative and imaginative. And we all loved being together. In fact, all these years later we are fast friends!

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