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Joe Earley who played Mr. Rivets on WPTZ, saw these pictures and gave us some comments. He was there during the same time as Pete Boyle. In fact, Pete and Joe both worked together on some of the network programs (carried over NBC-TV) with Ernie Kovacs that originated out of Channel 3.

(left to right) Jean Stoudt & Pete Boyle
WPTZ, Channel 3

Joe Earley e-mails: The woman is Jean Stoudt. PR and Promotion for the station in the fifties (early fifties, WPTZ). Great girl. Wore long brown leather coats before it was fashionable. Lived in Jamison, (near Buckingham) in Bucks County. Jean left the station shortly after NBC took over at the end of 1955.

(left to right) unidentified male, Pete Boyle and unidentified male
WPTZ, Channel 3

Joe Earley e-mails: Not sure who the fellow is on the left. Looks a little like Roy Bishop, who was our prop man, but not sure. The elephant is probably from the Philadelphia Zoo, although when the circus came to town, there were always on-air promotions which could explain the fella on the left (PR man). The still is from the "FUN HOUSE" program which premiered in January of 1955 and ran (with Pete Boyle as host) to January of 1957. Fun House had a segment called, "Speaking of Animals" and that's where this picture came from.

Pete Boyle
WPTZ, Channel 3

Broadcast Pioneers member Joe Earley says that this still is from one of the programs where he aired old comedies.

(left to right) Snooper the Squirrel, unidentified kid and Pete Boyle
WPTZ, Channel 3

Joe Earley e-mails: This one is probably when he hosted... "Uncle Pete's Gang." A daily show.... It originated in "Studio S" on the 5th floor at 1619 Walnut Street. He would show... comedies and between films draw, chat, etc.

During 1953, the show was called "Lunch with Uncle Pete," and aired from 12:15 pm until 1 pm. The show featured a puppet by the name of Snooper, the Squirrel.

(left to right) Pete Boyle and Snooper the Squirrel
WPTZ, Channel 3

Joe Earley e-mails: This is Pete with one of Lee Dexter's puppets. Lee did a show with Pete for a while.

These five photos are from Pete Boyle's days on Philadelphia television. He was carried (under a number of different titles) over Channel 3 in Philadelphia, WPTZ and later WRCV-TV. The station is now KYW-TV.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Mike Muderick
Used with the permission and authority of KYW-TV, Channel 3 in Philadelphia

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