(Left to right) Joe Frazier & Bob Kravitz
September 1975

On the right is Broadcast Pioneers member Bob Kravitz. On the left is Smokin' Joe Frazier in Joe's North Philadelphia gym. Photo was taken in 1975, shortly before the second Ali-Frazier fight. For 30 years Bob has been shooting video for WPVI, Channel 6 in Philadelphia. In this instance, it was a film shoot. Remember, "Film at Eleven?"

In the broiling heat of Quezon City on the first day of October 1975, just outside the Philippines' capital of Manila, the two warriors, Ali and Frazier, dueled for 14 rounds in a fight now known as "The Thrilla in Manila." By the end of the 14th round, both fighters were exhausted, but Frazier's eyes were nearly swollen shut. His people stopped the bout. Later, Ali was quoted as saying, "It was the closest I've come to death."

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Bob Kravitz
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