(Left to right) Dr. Shock & some playing "The Wolf Man"
Saturday, October 29, 1977

We have four video clips for you from 1977. The first one up is from Saturday, October 29th. Dr. Shock tells the story of "The Closed Coffin" just in time for Halloween.

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Dr. Shock
Saturday, November 5, 1977


Joe Zawislak (Dr. Shock) was a skilled magician. He often did ones on his broadcasts. Here's one where a bottle trades places with a glass. It works even when someone takes away the bottle.

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(Left to right) Dr. Shock & Rick Fox
Saturday, November 26, 1977

In this clip, Dr. Shock is looking for a turkey. We couldn't help using the line, "we think he found one." The guy wearing the feather and paper cup for a nose is Rick Fox, the writer for Dr. Shock.

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(Left to right) The Cameraman & Dr. Shock
Saturday, December 3, 1977

In this bit, Dr. Shock plays two roles (done by editing the tape). Sounds like Dr. Shock is calling the cameraman Artie. Can anyone with more identification?

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Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Abramson directed many of the Dr. Shock programs back in the 70s. Our material is taken from a original 1" video tape master. It was the master tape that contained the roll-ins for "The Best of Dr. Shock" which aired shortly after Joe Zawislak's death. Joe played the beloved Dr. Shock.

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Video originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Abramson
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