In March 1985, "Ten Around Town" aired a segment about Broadcast Pioneers member Walt MacDonald (who now lives in Florida). The quality of this recording is not perfect, but it's the best version we have. Hosts of the show were members Steve Levy and Cherie Bank.

Member Walt MacDonald writes us:

My career in Philadelphia was a time in my life that I will never forget. It was exciting to be a small part of all the radio stations that I broadcast on along with doing live TV traffic reports on WCAU-TV. Channel 10 was the first in the nation to feature live TV traffic reports on a daily basis. They were usually less than 20 seconds since they were featured in Channel 10's news breaks.

Channel 10 took a chance with live TV traffic reports since the other stations at that time weren't interested because people don't watch tv in their cars. Well, today they do. It was fun doing the segment with Steve Levy and Ten Around Town. We didn't have to go very far because the Go Patrol heliport was located on the back lot of Channel 10 where Action in the Afternoon originated.

Member Steve Levy e-mailed us:

It was good to put a face to the name. So many people listened to Walt, depended on his information and.then they got a chance to see the man who helped them so much. He was right about the Expressway; it was and still is "the World's Largest Parking Lot."

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