(Left to right) Dave Roberts and Calvin Holt
AM Philadelphia, WPVI-TV
March 1979

Here's part of an AM Philadelphia show, which aired over WPVI-TV around St. Patrick's Day in 1979. Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts was the co-host. The 3/4" tape was sent to us by Broadcast Pioneers member Fred Woskoff, the program's director. Dave and Calvin make Irish coffee and then an Irish dessert, and of course both contain Irish whiskey. Calvin co-owned Serendipity 3 in Manhattan for almost a half century and died in June of 1991. Calvin Holt studied acting and dance and was a television performer in the fifties. In our opinion, the Real Video version of this video is slightly clearer and cleaner.

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Fred Woskoff e-mailed us:

The whiskey was real. In fact, Charlie Bradley, the WPVI Programming Director, came running into the control room to tell me to get the segment over and get Dave and Calvin off the air because they were having too much fun with the booze. He was probably right, but the crew and I were all laughing so hard we probably didn't notice what was actually going on.

You probably can hear Larry Ferrari playing live in the background. Larry would play during all of the segments, which added quite a bit of fun to the show, as he'd come up with all sorts of things to add.

My time at AM Philadelphia began in September 1978. I was hired to fill in for three weeks after Art Moore became promotion manager. That three weeks turned into three months, before Sherry Feldesman was hired as producer. I stayed on directing for another month as a freelancer. So, when this particular segment with Calvin was done, Sherry was producing down on the studio floor, and I was directing up in the 4th floor control room.

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Video originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Fred Woskoff
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