Bob Russo has led an interesting broadcast career. In 1967, he was the first producer of Philadelphia Eagles football coverage on WIP Radio.

In 1970 through 1974, he was the Assistant Program Director for the adult contemporary station, WHN, 1050 on AM in New York City. He also became that station’s first program director when they switched to an all country format. During this time, Russo was the executive producer for the New York Mets baseball games, the Nets basketball games and the New York Islanders Ice Hockey team. All these were carried over WHN.

In 1975, Bob Russo became the East Coast Promotion Director for Lifesong Records. The company was formed in that year and artists who had records on that label included: Dion, Crack the Sky, Henry Gross, Jim Croce, Tommy West and Terry Cashman.

During 1980, Bob returned to WIP Radio where he was the executive producer for the station’s coverage of the Eagles and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Then, Bob became the first producer for the Philadelphia Stars Football team. That was in 1982 and the team played in the United States Football League.

Later that year, Bob went to WSNI-FM as their Promotion Director where he stayed for a couple of years.

Bob was also the last program director for WRDR. While the station was based in Egg Harbor, NJ, it had major market talent on its air with personalities like: Dan Morrow, Gene Packard, Ivory Blackwood (Charlie Mill’s wife), Andy Kortman and Tom Moran. In 2001 to 2004, he was an Executive Sales Representative for Comcast TV.

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