Broadcast Pioneers member Frank Beazley enlisted in the Naval Air Corps at age 17, during the Second World War, before graduating from Stanford University. He went on to become a true "Broadcast Pioneer"; producing shows for television before anyone really knew what the medium was all about.

After working for CBS across the country, he became the National Sales Director in New York, and then moved to Philadelphia to be the Director of Sales at WCAU-TV for 12 years.

His creativity resulted in innovative ideas in marketing and sales for Channel 10, as well as for the entire Broadcasting industry. While at the station, he met and later married children's TV performer Jane Norman (aka "Pixanne"), a member of the Broadcast Pioneers. Jane says, "Frank was the funniest, wittiest man ever!"

In 1973 he left Channel 10 to be the Director of Marketing for Television News Inc. and later headed his own company, Newtel Syndication. He joined with Alcare Communications, which produced syndicated features for television and radio, including a series "One Great Moment in Sports" and a commentary series "One Moment Please" with Mort Crim.

Beazley also teamed with his wife, Jane Norman, to produce "Maintenance Ms.," a successful syndicated series of 117 ninety-second features for women, teaching them how to repair things around the house. The response to the series was tremendous and the features ran for many years on news and entertainment shows.

In 1979, Beazley co-founded and became President of Center City Film and Video. However, his true passion was music. He was a bandleader who also played clarinet and sax, and his high school friend, Merv Griffin, played piano in Frank's first band in Los Angeles.

After retiring, Frank volunteered regularly at Inglis House, a facility for adults with physical disabilities. But his greatest legacy may be the dozens of young people he mentored throughout the years.

As one of them states, "Frank Beazley was always an inspiration to me. He was strong, but kind. Told you what he thought, but listened to your ideas and opinions. A truly honorable gentleman; one I was proud to know and work with. When I make a decision today, I often think 'what would Frank do?'" On Friday evening, November 16, 2012, Frank Beazley was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.

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