(Left to right) Joe Grady, unidentified female and Ed Hurst
WPFH, Channel 12, Wilmington
circa 1956

Here's a photo of members Joe Grady and Ed Hurst when they were on WPFH, then a commercial TV station operating on Channel 12 out of Wilmington.

We heard from Jack "Geno" Smith, a visitor to our website, who said that he used to attend the Grady and Hurst Dance Show held just outside of Wilmington and broadcast over WPFH and WVUE-TV, Channel 12, which was a commercial station at the time. He also remembers the dances they held at the Claymont (Delaware) Fire Station on Saturdays. He stated that he was always there and that Ed and Joe gave him the nickname "Geno."

He also said that he thought we needed to make clear that members Joe Grady and Ed Hurst got credit for having a "Bandstand" type dance show on WPFH, which became WVUE-TV (Channel 12). He said: "I was a Regular on their Dance Show just north of the City of Wilmington, Delaware. When they closed in the Wilmington Area, the show went to Atlantic City and I attended as often as I could."

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers members Ed Hurst and Don Hurley
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