Uncle Bob (center at top)
KYW Radio, Chicago
circa 1922

In Philadelphia, the popularity of "Uncle WIP" was repeated all across the country. KYW Radio moved to Philly in 1934, but before that, they were located in Chicago. "Uncle Bob" was just as popular in the windy city as "Uncle WIP" was here in the Delaware Valley.

"Uncle Bob" was reality, Walt Wilson who was heard daily over KYW from 6:35 pm to 7 pm. Just like "Uncle WIP," Walt would read bedtime stories, but he also sang children's songs. During the holidays, "Uncle Bob" would bring the voice of Santa direct to all the boys and girls in Chicago.

"Uncle Bob" also sponsored a "safety club." He would tell children to make sure they play on the sidewalk and never to venture into the streets. As Walt would say, ":The curb is the limit." Membership was said to be a half-million children.

"Uncle Bob" Wilson also sponsored a Hyde Park (Chicago) chapter of the Sinbac Radio Club and he was the president. They met every Tuesday for a half-hour at 5:30 pm. Why only 30 minutes? Because "Uncle Bob" had to get back to the studio for his 6:35 pm broadcast.

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