(left to right) Donald Barnhouse, Sr., Ruth Barnhouse, Ruthie Barnhouse and Donald Barnhouse, Jr.

This photo has two different Donald Barnhouses and two different Ruth Barnhouses. It's a picture from 1931 of Donald Barnhouse, the Channel 10 news analyst, with his father and his mom and sister.

At the time, Donald, Sr. was 36 years old with his first wife being two years younger. Sister Ruthie was 8 and Donald, Jr. was only 5 years old. Ruth died of cancer and Donald, Sr. remarried.

Donald Barnhouse, Jr. wasn't the only one with a career in broadcasting. His dad, Donald Grey Barnhouse, Sr. was an American radio preacher. He was a pioneer in Christian broadcasting with his program, "The Bible Study Hour." That program continues to air today. Barnhouse, Sr. was the pastor of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia from 1927 'til 1960 (when he passed away).

His first Bible broadcasts were in 1930. His programs were both local and national with it being carried at one time or another on CBS Radio and later NBC Radio. Rev. Billy Graham, known for his television broadcasts said of Dr. Barnhouse, Sr., "He knew the Scriptures better than any man I ever knew."

Follwoing in his dad's footsteps, Donald Barnhouse, Jr. was a personal research consultant for Billy Graham. However, we all remember Donald for his commentaries on WCAU-TV and WCAU Radio. For the last third of a century, Donald, Jr. (a member of the Broadcast Pioneers) has been the pastor of the Bridgeport Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport, PA.

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