Frank Jordan was a member of the popular Jordan Brothers Band in the fifties all the way to the eighties and enjoyed a lot of success with the band appearing on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand numerous times which led them to tour in 1959 on the Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars.

You would see them on the popular "Summertime on the Pier" with member Ed Hurst and with Jerry Blavit and numerous television shows across the United States promoting their efforts on records.

Frank played various instruments and did vocals for the group. The band boasts 35 years in the business and Frank feeling it was time to move into something else started working in radio at a small radio station in Mt. Carmel in the late sixties as suggested by the station owner Ed Romance which he did while still working with The Jordan Brothers.

It soon got to the point that radio was interfering with the band and he quit radio to concentrate on writing and performing for The Jordan Brothers. The band disbursed in the eighties so Frank worked at broadcasting at an FM station WSPI out of Shamokin, Pennsylvania under program director Ric Riccigliano.

Ric wanted to try the record business and asked Frank if he would record something for him on A Street Records out of Northumberland, Pennsylvania to send to his uncle in California to prove that he could produce a record. Frank agreed and launched a solo career at that time. The record “Love On Our Side” was a local hit and the jocks flipped the record over titled “ Easy Come Easy Go” penned by Frank and the A& R man Bill Grubowski of A Street Records.

The song enjoyed a lot of air play locally and would have been considered Frank’s signature song. However, he did the lead vocals on The Jordan Brothers' hit “Gimme Some Lovin’” on Phillips Records which turned out to be the song he is well known for.

“Gimme Some Lovin’” hit number one in three major cities giving the boys national acclaim. Frank now resides in Bethel, Pa with his wife Angela. He still does appearances at dances, churches and other affairs wherever he is asked and is enjoying a semi-retired life.

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