Here's is a photo of Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Roswell dating from 1986. While most of us know "Ros" from his work with KYW Newsradio, he does have a good voice and plays a mean guitar.

Bill Roswell e-mailed:

Here's some background on the photo of me playing the guitar. It was taken in late 1986 during a tour of the Martin Guitar Factory up in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. (I had taken my old 1973 Martin D-35 to get the frets replaced.)

The guitair I'm playing is an old original 1933-42 D45 that was being refinished, reconditioned, etc. In original great condition, it would be worth around $100,000. Newer models of the D45 sell for maybe $10,000.

And speaking of Martin guitars and newsrooms, fans of the HBO series "The Newsroom" may have spotted Jeff Daniels (and cast member John Gallagher, Jr.) playing guitars in one of the episodes during Season 1. Jeff has his own custom artist edition of a Martin Guitar that retails for $5,000.

By the way, some of the well-known people who have owned Martin Guitars include: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Gene Autry and Kurt Corbain.

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