Broadcasting & Hurricanes

Broadcast Pioneers member John Facenda
Monday, June 26, 1972


Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts
WPVI-TV, Action News
September 1985

3 Different Hurricanes!

Hurricane Daisy (1958)!

On August 24th of 1958, Daisy developed as a tropical storm from a tropical wave over the Bahamas. It moved slowly northwestward and was officially classified as a hurricane the very next day, the 25th. The storm moved towards the northeastern United States with winds of a 125 miles per hour. However, it remained far enough off the Jersey shore so that little damage occurred. However, we didn't know that at the time of this broadcast. On the 29th, it reached Nova Scotia and lost power.

Here's a radio broadcast called, "TONIGHT" (WFIL Radio) from 1958. This one from August 28, 1958 features Broadcast Pioneers members John Roberts and Dr. Francis Davis. On this excerpt, they talk about Hurricane Daisy coming up the coast and heading towards our area, the Delaware Valley. The quality on this recording is not the greatest as it came off a floppy 9 inch plastic transcription disc. However, we are delighted to have the audio just the same.

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Hurricane Agnes (1972)!

Forty years ago, on Monday, June 26, 1972, WCAU-TV aired a report on the aftermath of Hurricane Agnes. It was anchored by Broadcast Pioneers member John Facenda. Judd Hambrick (who was Facenda's co-anchor of the station's newscasts) was also on the telecast, as was Broadcast Pioneers member Herb Clarke.

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Hurricane Gloria (1985)!

More than a quarter of a century ago, Hurricane Gloria roared up the east coast. It did 900 million dollars of damage and caused much damage to many of the shore points on the Eastern seaboard. Winds reached 145 miles per hour. TV stations added special reports to keep their viewers informed. We have a clip of a special that aired mid-day on WPVI-TV. Most of this video is of Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts trying to keep both feet on the ground outside of the station. We're not sure why viewers always like to see reporters get soaked with rain and fight strong winds!

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