Stan Lee Broza and the Children's Hour cast
in front of the Loew's State Theater

The very first president and first chairman of the board of this organization was a guy by the name of Stan Lee Broza. Most people remember him as the host of WCAU's "The Children's Hour." For most of its run, the program was sponsored by Horn and Hardart Automat Restaurants. There were several of them throughout the Delaware Valley at the time.

We dated the photo from 1930. Why? That's the year that "Sea Bat" starring Charles Bickford came out. You can see it as the feature film on the marquee. You can see Stan Lee in the middle of the shot (wearing light pants and a dark sports coat) holding a small child. Other children in the picture were performers on the broadcast. Note that the photo shows them in the marquee as "Stan Lee Broza's Radio Kids."

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