Broadcast Pioneers member Valerie Morrison is a Psychic Medium located in Philadelphia. She has been a regular in the Radio & Television industry for the past 35 years with television appearances for 4 years on “People are Talking” hosted by Maury Povich when he broadcasted here in Philadelphia and later from Washington, DC on his new show Panorama, as a regular on the “Joe Franklin Show” broadcast from WOR TV-9, New York, appearances on “The Mike Douglas Show”, “The Sally Jessy Raphael Show”, “Phil Donahue”, “Larry King”, “Jenny Jones”, “9 Broadcast Plaza” aka “The Richard Bey Show” and many more.

As a Newspaper Article at that time explained, back then member Sid Mark did not believe in Psychics. He had heard about Psychic Valerie Morrison and while on the air he skeptically teased her to call in to his Radio Show on WWDB and tell him something about himself which Valerie Morrison did, down to the blue shirt that he was wearing, while thousands of his fans listened in.

Impressed by Valerie, her early years of radio started in 1975 when Sid invited Valerie to become a regular guest on his show thereafter for the next 1-1/2 years.

Thus began Valerie Morrison's Radio Career on WWDB and she later, after her stint with Sid, was shifted to join other personalities on WWDB as well, beginning with Frank Ford then with Dominic Quinn, and last, and for the longest duration totaling over 30 years, with Valerie’s dear friend, Irv Homer. Later paralleling with Irv’s show Valerie's own Sunday Night Radio Show on Radio Station WPEN and Radio Show MEGA88 during the summer broadcasting from the island of Aruba.

But the story that created all the fuss on Sid Mark's radio show was when Mayor Frank Rizzo was a guest on Sid's show and Valerie happened to be listening. Valerie called into Sid's show and warned the Mayor “To be careful, that he would be injured while going away from a blast”.

Although Valerie received much doubt and even more criticism from some of the WWDB staff, one week later an Oil Refinery caught on fire in Philadelphia. Mayor Frank Rizzo was there at the scene of the inferno with his brother Frank who was the Fire Commissioner at the time, when one of the tanks exploded.

Mayor Frank Rizzo awarded Valerie Morrison Philadelphia's most prestigious honor – “The Liberty Bell Award” usually only presented to dignitaries and other “important” people such as past recipient Morgan Freeman, Valerie was deeply honored. Years later in March 2014 Mayor Nutter presented Pope Francis “The Liberty Bell Award” at the Vatican during his visit.

Valerie also works without compensation as a Medium with many law enforcement agencies and has brought accurate and successful conclusions to several cases that previously, due to lack of leads, had gone unsolved.

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