Broadcast Pioneers member Irv Grodsky began his broadcasting career in 1967 at the now defunct Channel 48 (WKBS-TV) as a soundman and news photographer, on their 10 o'clock news show. In 1970 the show was cancelled, so Irv was tasked to do other jobs at the station, including work on the Hy Lit dance show and a stint in master control.

In 1972 he moved to Channel 3 (KYW-TV) now known as CBS 3. For the next 5 years, he was a news editor and was nominated for an Emmy for his editing of a major apartment fire in University City.

In 1977 and for the next 25 years he was a news photographer, covering major stories such as both MOVE confrontations, 3-Mile Island, sports and a feature called Car 3 with Broadcast Pioneers member Mike Strug.

After suffering a shoulder injury, he moved inside to work in the microwave room working with live trucks on the street. This was a good fit for him, as he had years of experience working on live remotes.

Irv married the love of his life in 1969. He and Sandi have two great children (Ami and Wayne), and four wonderful grandchildren.

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