(Left to right) Don Angell, unidentified male, Bill Baldini
unidentified male, unidentified male, John Facenda
The WCAU-TV Newsroom
September 1969

Here's an interesting picture. It's the Channel 10 newsroom in 1969. At that time, John Facenda was the station's main newscaster. What makes it unusual is that the news anchor's desk is right next to a huge trash can. That wouldn't happen today.

These four photos were taken by Phil Caroll who e-mailed us:

My name is Phil Carroll, and I'm a retired (but still  working part-time) videographer and tape editor at WCAU-TV (40+ years).... I saw the pictures on the  website of the Channel 10 newsroom, and candids of John in the studio. I took  those pictures.

Former WCAU tech Charlie Higgins contacted a few people. One response he received was from a one-time ENG cameraman at WCAU-TV who said:

I believe the man on the very left is Don Angell and the second from left is Ron ???. Don died of AIDS many years ago.

We now believe that the second from the left is Ron Miller. Dolores Little, a former WCAU employee said:

...that's definitely Don Angell in the first pix. And second unidentified person could be Ron Miller. The Black fellow was a copy boy, his name was Woody, I think? I remember there was a "Woody" in the cafeteria, too. They are not to be confused. The cafeteria Woody was much older. ... Also can't place the guy whose back is to camera.

Jay Phelan, a visitor to our website e-mailed:

Although I'm not a Philadelphia broadcast pioneer, I did work as an announcer on WXPN in 1960 and 61. One of my fellow announcers and station executive was Don Angell.  ... I just found out that Don died some time prior to his last Penn reunion.

Can you identify any of the people in this picture? Or supply more information? If so, please e-mail us.

(Left to right) John Facenda, unidentified male, Bill Baldini
The WCAU-TV Newsroom
September 1969

This candid snapshot was taken in the WCAU Newsroom. Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Kuhar thought the person in the middle could be Dave Bova. However, former WCAU tech Charlie Higgins contacted Dave and Bova said that it's definitely not him. Charlie said that "I vaguely seem to recall that face as being a street reporter." Dolores Little says:

As for the second pix which some thought looked like Bova (which it does somewhat). I remember this guy too, but can't for the life of me bring up his name.

Can you help us identify the unidentified male in this photo? If so, please e-mail us.

John Facenda at his desk in the newsroom
WCAU-TV, Channel 10
September 1969

(Left to right) Herb Clarke and John Facenda
On the WCAU-TV News Set
September 1969

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Pictures originally taken by retired WCAU videographer & tape editor Phil Carroll
Photos originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Baldini
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