(Left to right) Diane Allen and Ray Murray
KYW-TV Official Photo

This picture isn't really from 1987, even though it was used to promote KYW-TV's 1987 television coverage. Since it was done in advance, it would have had to be taken at the end of 1986.

Here's a photo of the anchors for the 1987 Mummers Day Parade which was broadcast that year over KYW-TV, Channel 3. Since the picture was taken BEFORE January 1st of 1987, we are assuming that they weren't actually at a previous parade. If you look at their hair, not one is out of place which makes us think that it was taken indoors and not on Broad Street. Also, they don't look dressed for a wintry January day. It looks like the Mummers shown in the background was a big, flat blowup. Can anyone shed some light on this? If so, please e-mail us.

KYW-TV Official Pin

The above pin was used by KYW-TV for identification purposes. It showed local government officials who was part of the Channel 3 staff and thus who were allowed beyond police lines.

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