Tom Stanwood
circa 1965

In the fifties and sixties, the huge rocker in the Philadelphia market was WIBG, the Big 99. Those whom listened during that time remember the news staff and their "First...Fast...Factual...WIBG News." In the Broadcast Pioneers archives, we have three clips of WIBG newscaster Tom Stanwood. It dates from late Sunday night, October 17, 1965 or early Monday morning, October 18th. Stanwood, by the way, was a graduate of Temple University a few years before and while at the school he worked at the student run radio station, WRTI-FM. By the way, sometimes we get e-mails from visitors to this website saying, "Why don't you play more of what you have?" The answer quite often is, "that's all we have." That's the case with these WIBG newscasts excerpts. What you hear is all we have.

Listen to Tom Stanwood!

These other two cuts also feature Tom Stanwood from the following Sunday, October 24, 1965. They are from two different WIBG newscasts.

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2

Tom Stanwood e-mailed:

I just came across the audio portion on your website and was pleasantly surprised to find an audio clip from my Wibbage days in Philly.

I worked there in the late 50's while still taking classes at Temple University and then again in 1965 following a two year stint with The Atlantic Go Patrol. I was Copter 2 sharing air time with John Carlton. I subsequently joined WFIL AM-TV in News splitting my time between radio and TV. I was working there when the big format change was made to Famous 56.

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