It's Wednesday, August 13, 1969. KYW-TV, Channel 3 in Philadelphia was carrying special NBC-TV (they were an NBC affiliate until 1995) of a Parade for returning moon visitors, the astronauts of Apollo 11. The coverage ended and after some commercials, the station went back to regular programming.

On this audio clip, we have a taped promo for Sportscaster Jim Lemming announced by Gary Geers followed by a live booth announcement. This voice over slide was done by announcer Bob Bradley, live in the KYW-TV announce booth. Hear Bob doing a station break followed by a JIP (Joined in Progress) announcement for the Mike Douglas Show. Douglas' program, by the way, aired on Channel 3 from 12:30 pm to 2. It was aired live and it, at that time, was the only station to do so. Mike's syndicated talk broadcast was sold by Westinghouse (owners of KYW-TV) to more than 200 TV stations in either 60 minute or 90 minute taped versions. Philadelphia, the originating station, was the only one to air it live.

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From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos courtesy of KYW-TV and Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Webber
Audio clip originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Gerry Wilkinson

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