Fred Sherman
in front of his KYW Newsradio microphone

Broadcast Pioneers member Fred Sherman is more than just a distinctive voice. He is a veteran radio and TV broadcaster and a knowledgeable commentator on the investment scene. Fred is Chief Economist at Royal Bank America, and broadcasts from his office in Narbeth, PA on a special direct microphone line to KYW. A large part of his appeal to a wide audience of KYW News Radio, 1060 AM and his sometime television appearances in the Greater Philadelphia area is his clever and smile provoking ability to make the markets come alive with frivolous, yet sound, observations on stock and bond market developments. A little rhyme and a little riddle are not unusual.

His economic insight is knowledgeable, yet clever. Fred proves investment news never has to be boring. You can hear Fred daily on KYW Newsradio or follow the insight of Fred and partner Steve Van Rensselaer at

He laments stock downturns and revels in strong market performances, with off-the-cuff comments that bring at least one chuckle to listeners each time he airs one of his reports: four times each day and six times each weekend on KYW News Radio. His throwaway lines not only relate to the financial markets at any given time of the day, but also usually topical in relation to sports, politics, celebrities, Philadelphia, tax times, and holidays. And, wait until you hear him sing!

When the market takes a dive, his wit, humor, and forecasting will help most of you survive. "Hey - its only money", he says, "and fortunately, mostly other peoples." Fred Sherman’s sonorous voice has a ring of authority. With its special timbre, the Sherman vocal is a pleasure to listen to even if the market is headed south.

He does a lot of work with young people, who love his entertaining style. He is also a frequent speaker, captivating his audiences at seminars, meetings and conferences with his realistic observations. For 23 years, he has delivered daily stock market reports. He is the one of the best known radio voices in the Delaware Valley area, and is heard by over two million people on a weekly basis. His name is Fred Sher-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-man.

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