Member Hy Lit (kneeling in front of sign)

Here's Broadcast Pioneers member Hy Lit making a personal appearance before his WIBG days. Well, it's even before his WRCV Radio days. He was still at WHAT Radio, owned by founding members Billy and Dolly Banks.

Hy was making a personal appearance at this movie theater (not identified) on a Saturday evening. Remember the days when you would see a movie and a live appearance by a local disc jockey and you would change back from a dollar bill.

Well, the movie being shown on that day was "Rock, Rock, Rock" made in 1956. It had a lot of rock's top artists. Tuesday Weld had the female lead and her songs were actually performed by Connie Francis. Connie was still a year or more away from the release of her first hit, "Who's Sorry Now." Valerie Harper's first on-screen appearance was also in this film as an extra. She received no on-screen credit for the appearance.

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