Broadcast Pioneers member Joseph Pelletier began his career as an engineer and producer at K49kc in Kansas City in 1942. The station was owned by a pioneer engineering consulting firm. Before entering the military, he worked at WCED in
DuBois, PA where he was at home on furlough and on duty at the station on D-Day.

After his 1943-46 military service, he participated in consulting, construction, operation, ownership and management as well as being an “on air” personality for several stations in western Pennsylvania. In 1952, he founded Joseph A. Pelletier-Engineering/Management Consulting.

He came to Philadelphia in 1960 where he served as chief engineer for WTEL and WIBF-FM and was the first chief engineer of WIBF-TV29 (today known as Fox29). Joseph retired in 1994 as an FCC consultant for Commodore Business Machines computers, manufacturer of the famous C-64.

Some of the stations that Joe worked at include WDAD, Indiana, PA, WFBG, WRTA, and WFBM in Altoona, WACB in Kittanning, WPME in Punxutawney and WITT in Lewisburg which he built in 8 days. He served as chief engineer, partner, or manager of many of these stations.

In addition he worked for UNIVAC, and he also set up a EUROTEST Lab in E. Haddam, CT. He was a consultant to the FCC on matters of World Wide Safety.

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Bio written by Broadcast Pioneers member Michael Muderick

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