Ray Gilmore
(also known as Sean Casey)

Ray Gilmore was one of the WIBBAGE "Good Guys." Today, he operates under the name Sean Casey and he's retired. He was Director of Programming for the Plymouth Rock Broadcasting group, with his responsibilities based in Boston. There, he created and executed all aspects of music intensive 24/7 AC format.

Gilmore, according to Broadcast Pioneers member Jerry Blavat, says that Ray and "The Geator" both went to Southeast Catholic.

Before that, for three years, he was the Managing Director of Operations for Shadow Broadcast Services, based in Boston. Previous to Shadow, he was with the Rendon Public Relations Group in Washington D.C. for 5 years. Also, London Coordinator/Broadcast Managing Director of Allied Forces Psychological Operations for Desert Storm; Cairo, Egypt Broadcast Program Manager/Producer for American and Arabic Adult Contemporary Music & News, Providing Strategic Information to International Clientele.

He was also Major Market Talent with Top Ratings in Philadelphia, New York & Boston. He negotiated AFTRA/IBEW & Personal Talent Contracts and negotiated Business & Real Estate Bank Financing. Gilmore was also the owner/manager of Accu-Test Medical Lab, New York; Multiple Fitness Salons, Boston and owner/operatror of Multi-Million Dollar Commercial Real Estate in Boston.

The Spokesmen

Ray was a recording artist-songwriter/producer for Decca, RCA, Columbia, EMI, United Artist & Others. Ray recorded and co-wrote the song, "The Dawn of Correction" in 1965 and it was released under the artists' name of "The Spokesmen." The group was made up of Gilmore, Johnny Madara and David White. It peaked at number 22 on the national charts and was even bigger in Philadelphia.

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