Pete Boyle (as Chuckwagon Pete)
WPTZ, Channel 3
circa 1955

In January of 1953, Pete Boyle was on WPTZ seven days a week and it was all live (video tape wasn't in use yet). Weekdays at 12:15 pm, he had a half hour show called Noontime Comics. On Saturdays and Sundays, it was"C'mon to Uncle Pete's", a half hour program. Sundays it was on 12 noon to 12:30 pm and on Saturdays he was at 11 am, sandwiched in between Rex Trailer (Ridin' The Trail) and Grady & Hurst. "C'mon" was described as "cartoons, games, prizes for children."

He had a sidekick called Snooper, (nicknamed Snoopy) the squirrel (a mascot puppet). Snooper was created by Lee Dexter, before he invented Bertie the Bunyip (Bertie would not made it to the air until July of 1953). Pete drew quick pen and paper sketches on all his programs. Sometimes, the drawings were done in charcoal. He was especially well known for his sketches. He also chatted and kidded around with the "kids at home."

Snooper was definitely with Pete early on. In fact, a listing in the TV Guide of 1953 mentioned that "Lunch with Uncle Pete" was sponsored by Acme Markets, a division of the American Stores. It actually said that in the listing. It stated: "Pete and Snooper explain old fashioned movies. Sponsored by American Stores Company." Another listing describes the program as "old time movies for youngsters." Yet another said "Pete Boyle comments on cartoons."

In June of 1953, WPTZ ran a print ad saying: "Say, Snooper, be sure to remind our friends that LUNCH WITH UNCLE PETE will be on WPTZ all summer." Then Snooper says: "Yes, boys and girls. Every day at 12:15 on Channel 3, Uncle Pete and I bring you the funniest movies you ever saw."

WPTZ ran ads pushing the Boyle broadcast. "Hey, this is your old Uncle Pete inviting you to have lunch with me. Snooper the Squirrel (he's my buddy, you know) and I have a lot of fun every day. We have those funny old-time movies, silly sirens, bells and funny stories. Ask Mommy if you can LUNCH WITH UNCLE PETE at 12:15 pm Monday thru Friday on Channel 3, WPTZ. PS: And Mommy, I'll make sure they eat slowly and drink all their milk!" Naturally, it was Sylvan Seal, sold by Acme.

From 1950 until 1956, he also was known as "Chuck Wagon Pete," and jocked half-hour western shows like The Cisco Kid, with the program being called Six Gun Cinema. Beginning January 17, 1955 (replacing the Range Rider western TV show, Monday through Thursday), he was on right after Howdy Doody at 6 pm and sponsored by Sylvan Seal Milk, the house brand of the Acme Markets. In fact, Pete replaced himself on Fridays taking over the Six Gun Cinema time slot.

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