Jack Pyle

We have in our audio archive, a 7 minute cut of Jack Pyle doing the morning show on WRCV Radio, now KYW Radio. At this time, the station was owned by NBC. Jack tells a story about Robin Roberts, a famous baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. He also talked about John Franklin (a WRCV air personality), Skip Clayton (a WRCV newsman) and Tom Pettit (who was a WRCV newsman until he left to head up the Washington Bureau of NBC News).

In this story, he tells us about his friend, Eddie Sawyer going to Baltimore to see Roberts pitch. Eddie was the manager of the Phillies from 1948 to 1952 with an encore from 1958 to 1960. After that, Sawyer was a scout for the team. Roberts had left the Phillies and went to the Yankees and then to the Orioles.

The date is August 6, 1962. The day after Roberts pitched for the Orioles. Pyle is doing the morning music program and talks for over 7 minutes with no music. Even though this dates from 1962, the original recording was on transcription disc. We were able to clean it up pretty good. Be advised that the tonal quality is not high fidelity. However, that's how it was on the original recording.

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