NBC Camera Operator Pete Kane

We asked Pete to tell us a little about himself and this is what he wrote:

I grew up in Urban Philly, one of seven to a single parent. I worked my way up from the mailroom at Channel 10 in seven years to the news department. I've covered the biggest stories in Philly in the last 34 years on the street. That's a total of 43 years at Channel 10.

As a news cameraman, I covered the 30th Street gasoline tanker explosion on the x-way, in the early eighties that killed a couple people and I was injured covering that story.

May 1985 - Osage Avenue: MOVE vs. City of Philadelphia. I hid in a house the night before to videotape the surrender of the group MOVE. Police dropped a bomb twenty-four hours later killing 11 people including 6 children and burning down 61 homes. I won many awards for the coverage of The Osage Nightmare.

I shot a series with reporter WCAU-TV reporter Pat Battle in the late 80's titled " Generations Cracked Apart" about the young kids of crack addicted women, winning a national award for the series. I spent time talking with young kids about the effects of drugs on their lives, having seen it affect my own family and friends.

I would like nothing better than to find the kids in that series and trace their path up to now, almost twenty years later. I would like to find out about their education, family life, their kids, drug abuse (if any), prison time (if any), etc.

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