Captain Noah

Captain and Mrs. Noah are none other than Broadcast Pioneers members Patricia and W. Carter Merbreier. For over a quarter of a century, they were mainstays at WPVI-TV on "Captain Noah's Magical Ark."

We have three video clips. All are taken from the same program dating from 1993. The quality on these clips is especially clear since the original tape was not taken off air but recorded at WPVI-TV.

Just for your own information, Broadcast Pioneers member Larry Ferrari did all the instrumental music on the program. Larry also had his own show and also played the tunes on the Chief Halftown Show. All three of the series were televised by WPVI-TV.

These video files are encoded from high speed VHS tape that was recorded at WPVI-TV and is from the personal library of Carter and Pat Merbreier.

In the first clip, Captain Noah talks a little about the history of a favorite American snack.
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Mrs. Noah

On our second clip, Mrs. Noah billboards what is coming up next. Patricia Merbreier, by the way, is also the show's puppeteer.
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On our last excerpt, Captain Noah shows drawings sent in by the kids in the viewing audience. The song they sing, by the way, was written by Carter Merbreier, especially for the program.
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From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Video originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers members W. Carter & Patricia Merbreier (Captain & Mrs. Noah)
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