Chief Halftown

Chief Halftown was a television icon for 50 years, all of it on Channel 6. The station was originally known as WFIL-TV and today is WPVI-TV. We have three clips from the same Chief Halftown show from 1992.

In the first clip, Chief Halftown opens the show. The theme is, in reality, the show's music director Larry Ferrari just sort of vamping.
Watch the First Clip

On our second clip, the Chief thanks some of his guests for appearing on the broadcast. This was after the second commercial break, about two-thirds of the way through the program.
Watch the Second Clip

On our last excerpt, Chief Halftown wraps up the show and the credits roll. We have left the entire credits in the clip. Again, the music is Larry Ferrari vamping.
Watch the Last Clip

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Video originally donated by Edward Crean, Jr.
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