Eagle 106 TV Spot

From 1989, we have a TV commercial for WEGX-FM, Eagle 106. It was a contemporary radio station at the time. In 1993, it became known as WJJZ, Smooth Jazz 106.

Joe Coughlin, a visitor to our website, e-mailed:

The pair are the radio team, Rumble and Thrower. They lasted under a year on Eagle from 88-89 and they did weekly audio updates for the old Donnelly Directory Talking Yellow Pages telephone service in a tie-in with the radio station. The picture shows Scott Thrower on the left and Rick Rumble on the right.

Well, it seemed like Joe Coughlin was almost right. Here's an e-mail from Scott Thrower:

Correction on your page featuring the photo of Rumble and Thrower from WEGX. Rumble is on the LEFT...I'm Thrower, and I'm on the right. In those days, I had the long hair, while Rumble's head grew shredded wheat. I am now anchoring mornings at KURB, Little Rock.

In 2008, we again heard from Scott Thrower:

I am taking a break from radio to get an education in the medical field. I no longer do mornings at KURB.

By the way, we also heard from Rick Rumble who is at WNOR in Norfolk. 106.1 originally came on the air as WQAL. It was then WWSH. We have a complete history of these stations and others on the Philadelphia 106.1 frequency. Read the story! This video has been on our website since 2000, but in 2010 we upgraded the quality. Note that the original source material was from a LP speed VHS tape.

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