(Left to right) Cassandra Ann Wooten, Gwendolyn (Oliver) Wesley
Jimmy Bishop, Nadine Felder White and Jean Davis Sanders

The girls in this photo made up the recording group, "Honey and the Bees." The guy is their manager, Jimmy Bishop. Jimmy was also Program Director of WDAS Radio (later Vice-President of Programming).

(Left to right) Nadine Felder White, Constance (Dean) McClanahan
Cassandra Ann Wooten, Jean Davis Sanders and Jimmy Bishop
The Copa Nightclub in New York City

(Left to right) Nadine Felder White, Cassandra Ann Wooten
Jean Davis Sanders and Gwen (Oliver) Wesley
Official record company publicity still

The group was originally called "The Yum Yums" and recorded on the old ABC Paramount label. By 1966, the girls became "Honey and the Bees" and recorded on the Arctic label, a division of Jamie-Guyden based right here in Philadelphia.

In 1970, manager Jimmy Bishop switched the group over to the Josie label where they recorded such hits as "It's Gonna Take a Miracle." Their last song for manager Jimmy Bishop was entitled, "Song for Jim."

In 1976, two of the ladies from the group, Gwen (Oliver) Wesley and Cassandra Ann Wooten joined Cheryl Mason Jacks to become "The Ritchie Family," named after their songwriter and arranger Ritchie Rome.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Top two photos originally donated by Frank Lipsius and Jamie-Guyden Records
Third photo donated by Gwen (Oliver) and Fred Wesley

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