(Left to right) Channel 6 reporter Vernon Odom and Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo
circa 1978

No, the mayor didn't drop ice down Vernon's back. He's not even saying, "I wear the same brand of shirt." What's really going on in this photo is Frank Rizzo is helping Odom hook up his IFB.

IFB stands for "Interruptible Fold Back." Audio from the program or piece being produced is fed back to the on-air talent as the piece was in progress. It feeds program but allows the producer, director or other personnel to talk to the talent while he or she is on the air. This system is almost always wireless as is the talent's microphone. Talent hears via an earpiece.

Frank Rizzo, after serving two terms as Philadelphia's Mayor, became a radio talk show host on WCAU (AM) Radio, now WPHT.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Vernon Odom
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