Rock & Roll Legend Charlie Gracie with TV Legend Sally Starr

This 1960 picture features Charlie Gracie & Sally Starr. Sally, at that time was the hostess of "Popeye Theater" on Channel 6. Her program, by the way, used the same camera crew as "American Bandstand" which originated nationally from WFIL-TV from the adjacent area, Studio B.

Bandstand went off the air shortly before the start of Sally's program. The camera crew simply unplugged their head sets from the Bandstand cameras and went into Studio C where a new set of cameras were already turned on and were ready to go. They plugged their head sets into the Studio C cameras and "off they rode into the sunset" with "Popeye Theater."

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Charlie Gracie, Jr.
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