This was one of the clocks that was a part of an advertising package for radio station WVCH. They were seen in stores throughout the area with the advertiser's name at the bottom of the instrument's face. The clock (pictured above) hung in the front window of Bullock's Pharmacy, 720 Parker Street in Chester, Pennsylvania until the store was sold on December 31, 1964. The photo was sent to us by John A. Bullock III (a descendent of John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence), whose father owned that drug store. John still has the clock in the basement of his North Carolina home. Though it is unknown to the exact age of the clock, we believe it dates from the very early 50's, probably 1951.

WVCH, which stands for "We're the Voice of CHester" was started by former WIP Chief Engineer, Jim Tisdale, a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. The station came on the air April 4, 1948 and was signed on by a young and then unknown radio announcer by the name of Joe Pyne. Their facilities from the beginning to 1979 were in the Wolf Building at 3rd and Market Streets in Chester.

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Photo originally donated by John Bullock
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